HERO Vs Mafia: Ultimate Battle

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Your city is invaded by the Mafia! They’re everywhere! Are you brave enough to be the savior?!
Play the hero in this criminal tale of Hero vs Mafia. Wipe your town of thugs, thieves, gangsters, and mobs by patrolling in a 3D environment designed to give you maximum thrill! Wander through alleyways and streets and root out the bad guys. Don’t let pedestrians get attacked, or banks get robbed. Protect the innocent from danger! Use your bionic arm to perform special, awesome attacks! Use different combos of fighting like Combo Attack, Mega, and Stomp to scare those evil gangs away. Kick, punch, and use the throw feature for destruction of cars. Intimidate and defeat by knocking their guns out of their hands.
The police are lagging, and the city is depending on you. Show those coppers who’s BOSS! Bop, bump, and clip those goons right into jail!
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