Contradiction (full game)

发行商: Baggy Cat Ltd.
价格: 4.99 USD


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Contradiction is a unique murder mystery game that uses live-action video for the entirety of the game play. All you have to do is interview characters, spot their lies and catch them out. You're free to wander around the English village of Edenton, collecting evidence and witnessing constantly changing events as you progress through the story; but the game is all about interviewing the characters you meet, questioning them about all the evidence you’ve collected and things you’ve seen. Spot two statements they've made that contradict each other, pair them together and watch as Inspector Jenks interrogates them, while they try to worm their way out of it! Contradiction is a brand new take on the concept of an interactive crime drama and brings the FMV genre to a whole new level of playability. PLEASE NOTE: This app downloads an additional 500-960mb of data after opening (depending on chosen video quality) so please check you have enough storage space before purchasing.

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