Flying Stickman Crime Hero

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It’s time to fly and fight as hero stickman in the dangerous city. It is new adventures of stickman rope hero in Flying Stickman Crime Hero. You can fly around buildings in the city and find criminals and in pursuit robbery in the city and experience the amazing feeling of being Stickman. Enjoy as you can fly or be at ground in search for bad guys. Define strategy to catch criminals in criminal case, monitor them from above and kill them instantly with your powerful gun built in into your hand can be unleash at your will. You are the hero of the city so help people and make city a peaceful city. Best time killer of action-rpg genre.
Flying Stickman Crime Hero Game play:
In this action packed shooting hero game, gameplay is simple but challenging too. You have duty to find and kill criminals flying away in their cars and other vehicles after crime. You have to shoot them with gun in your hand; do not let them go away. Wait is not option for some times. Controllers are design to make game more enjoyable. You can Fly in air or Run in vice town to destroy police cars. Collect rewards for destroying your enemies and completing tasks, you can use it to buy best weapons in shop.
In Flying Stickman Crime Hero, you are the one with a true intention of dominating everything and everyone for better. You are the leader in the city with flying and shooting abilities. Dodge your enemy bullets while making stunts in air and crush from above on their heads. Equip best weapons for even more firepower in this jet-pack game!
Flying Stickman Crime Hero Features:
• Amazing and easy flying controls
• Unlimited bullets with powerful weapon
• Beautiful city to explore and enjoy
• Many Vehicles to destroy
• Realistic Animations in this 3D action game
In Stickman games, as bad guys invaded the town the true stickman hero comes to help the citizen. Use your new skills to kick them out from the city with your kill shot. This is new addition to flying stickman games with blend of stickman killer and shooter. Survive the epic battles and try to complete all the tasks. Explore secrets hidden on a large map. Destroy your enemies with the entire explosive arsenal at your disposal.

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