Ant World Multiplayer

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*****Ant World Multiplayer***** 3D Real Time Ant Simulator
Wildfoot brings you the first multiplayer Ant game for mobile - in real-time. Throw exploding fireballs at your opponents or shock them with electricity. Customize your ant with a wide variety of different colored textures and tattoos.
**Features both SINGLE Player and MULTIPLAYER Modes
Step into this huge Insect world and control your own Ant. Crawl across this huge 3D insect filled environment with other fun insect enemies and magic. The game includes "instant magic" in the online version to allow you to get into the best parts of the game. Challenge players from around the world, in real time. Become the Ultimate Ant Champion in this awesome fantasy insect simulator.
-- Multiplayer Ant Simulation!!
-- Chat with other players
-- Epic Insect Adventure
-- Fully Customizable Insect
-- Massive 3D Open World Map
-- 4 Special Attacks include - Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Invincibility
-- Real Storm Simulation - real weather with highly realistic rainfall and thunder
-- Realistic Day and Night Simulation
-- Join up to 4 other players Online
We provide the the offline map to allow players to perfect their skill and build up your skill points. Locate all the magic items in the offline map in order to craft your special attacks. Remember you may upgrade your speed, strength, and stamina.
Download Ant World Multiplayer and enjoy this magical multiplayer adventure !
Enemies include 3D Spiders, Flying Monsters, Honey Bee, Scorpion, Wasp, Giant Bugs, and much more.
Multiplayer is a new series of games we have created at Wild Foot. We listened to all your suggestions and tried to combine them into this game. 3D animal simulation at its best.
Don't hesitate to stop by the Wildfoot Facebook page: for updates. 
As always, our focus is making creative games with animals and magic. 3D Animal simulators with something special added. Good luck and have a Wildfoot day!

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