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Real estate is the greatest asset of people both at a personal level and at the level of companies or businesses, so it is important to ensure that they are not accessed by third parties or are always electrically powered, given the high dependence on AC power, So it is necessary to have a record of any drop in power supply.
Since unfortunately, solutions that exist in the market are usually expensive and often carry a periodic fee, SEGURICASA tries to solve the problem of being informed individuals, small businesses, businesses, second homes, commercial premises, etc. About problems related to the need to know if there has been a power outage or to know if they are accessed.
As utility examples of this application would be the surveillance of perishable foods (ie keep refrigeration) or heating systems, although it is obvious that we all know how the consequences of a power outage can cover many other uses: servers for IT services, communications, security, automated irrigation, crops, aquariums, etc.

Perhaps the important thing of the application is therefore that no wiring or additional hardware is needed since all that is required is next to this application, the charger that feeds the terminal, a SIM card so that it can send SMS's and finally a simple Carton that is attached to the door so that when the access door is opened, the proximity sensor on the front of any Smartphone is plugged.
This application Seguricasa can send notifications automatically via SMS or by email as desired when a power outage is detected in the power supply or also the opening or closing of the door thanks to the proximity sensor that includes any Smartphone. Also it is able to detect acts of vandalism on the terminal to report it to the user.
Sending notifications if a network outage is detected is possible without any additional hardware since the Smartphone will no longer be powered externally (by the terminal charger), a circumstance that can be monitored and processed within the application and can easily be deducted as missing Of AC mains.
This app, therefore, is intended for families, small merchants, or even businesses etc., because its simplicity is expected to be installed by any user.
Seguricasa is an ideal solution for those people who are not willing to pay a fee for an alarm system but would like to know what happens in their properties especially with the AC power supply.
The solution is unique, as it is not necessary to acquire any additional hw since it is based on a Smartphone to manage both the accesses and the cuts of AC network of a house or place


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