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AutomatedHomeOnFire (companion app to AutomatedHome)

发行商: MikeP
价格: 4.99 USD


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Use this simple app to control your IoT devices from your FireTV. This is not the official app, it is much, much smaller, and starts faster.
- WeMo Dimmer, Motion, Switch, Mini, Insight, LightSwitch, Maker, Link
- WeMo Jarden Crockpot (on/off)
- WeMo Holmes Air Purifier (on/off)
- WeMo Holmes Room Heater
- WeMo Mr Coffee Coffee Maker
- WeMo NetCam (as a motion device)
- WeMo Link with Wemo LEDs, GE Link, CREE, and OSRAM bulbs (on/off only)
- TP Link HS100, HS103, HS105, HS110, HS200, HS210, HS220
- TP Link Bulbs LB100, LB110, LB120, LB130
- LIFX bulbs
- OSRAM Lightify gateway and bulbs
- YeeLight bulbs
Note I did not design nor do I promote the manufacturer products. If you are unhappy with their apps or products please review them accordingly. AutomatedHomeOnFire is a separate product intended to help you SECURELY use your devices.
Use AutomatedHomeOnFire to securely access your devices. Most IoT apps communicate with your devices through your firewall. They will access a service on your Alexa account and collect your personal information. Your email, amazon account, IP address, GPS location (home address), SSID, and wifi password will be made available to the cloud owners through their IoT device service.
AutomatedHomeOnFire is 100% local to your wifi. No outside connections are required. No personal information is collected. It does not rely on cloud servers nor the connection between them and the Alexa service. It will continue to work when those services are offline or your internet connection is down.
This app is for people who value both convenience AND security. You can set your router to deny these IoT devices all access to the internet when you use this app.
You will still need the manufacturers apps on a supported platform to connect the devices to your wifi, program schedules, and for firmware updates. However for day to day use this app is faster, smaller, and accessible from your fire tv.


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