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Rhitland Technology is an innovative enterprise with powerful R&D capacity specializing in smarthealth-care and home appliance products. Its founding team is mainly composed by the formersenior employees and top talent from well know companies. Smart health-care and smart home-appliance are the two core businesses of Rhitland; Now the completed and under-developing products include but not limited to real-time fever alarm, smart body thermometer, smart grill thermometer, smart body scale, face care steamers...Popularized technology and creative design is the principle for the products research and development in Rhitland, which is also the effective guarantee for the company to achieve spreading innovations and meet increasing demands.
The main characters of the smart body thermometer:
● Stable and accurate to +-0.1℃.
● Display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
● Built-in alarm temperature,mandatory alarm temperature and sensor detaching temperature.
● Real-time temperature monitoring, alarm automatically on high/low temperature.
● Remote monitor via Wifi or hot spot once in the same network.
● Add family members and switch the accouts freely. Storage and review the data at any time.
● Each valid data can be recorded forever in the cloud, the data selected can creat a curve for easily review.
● Handle the APP easily.

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