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Super Power Hero Rangers PRO

发行商: Orion Games Production
价格: 免费


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In this simulator of vector parkour everyone can become a superhero. Join the club of rangers, wear power suits and go save the city from extraterrestrial enemies. Travel through the huge city, complete tasks, improve your skills and enjoy the history. Prepare to show all your talents, because under the threat of people's lives! Can you protect citizens, get on the roofs to the main alien ship and destroy it? See in the simulator of rangers!
Whatever it was, you can definitely enjoy the beautiful views of the sky and the streets of the city, thanks to an amazing 3D graphics. Consider buildings, cars, enemies and your power costume in every detail, as well as look for the weaknesses of aliens. Simple control will provide comfort in the movement of your superhero, so that you can perform any parkour vector tricks. Also, you should not forget about the laws of physics, which in this simulator is well developed. Watch for the strength of the trampolines, walls and stairs. Use the environment, take care of your power suit and even rush shells. Enter into the flow of vector parkour you will help the exciting music, which will not give boredom to any member of the club of rangers.
To justify your title of superhero, you will have to try. Aliens will not wait, so you need to be one step ahead: explore the city of the simulator and use this knowledge in the fight. Look for hiding places, short paths, remember the peculiarities of the areas and learn new parkour vector tricks. Visit Rangers stores where you can buy new modules for your power costume or take advantage of the superhero cosmetic enhancements that will help you inspire fear in your enemies.
If you are ready to test yourself, you can not wait, because the simulator is completely free. Go on an exciting journey through the roofs of a huge city and enjoy the process of vector parkour. Prove that you are worthy of being a superhero and protecting the world from extraterrestrials. Good luck in the battles, more friends in the club of rangers and a whole power suit!


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