Zombies vs Chuny

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Here you can concentrate all the stress of the day on ending all possible zombies with your ax, becoming the unimaginable and ruthless Chuny.
Chuny is a fanatic character who liked horror movies a lot and in the apocalyptic world
He dressed as one of his favorite characters but he put on the name of Chuny and full of desires to focus his anger on something, zas bino the perfect opportunity when as soon as he set foot on the street ... ha haha! Congratulations!! Now you can vent your ruthless evil against ... What? A plague of ugly and fast zombies that attack you
You must be fast, since there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.9 and up to 20 different screens to finish, but be careful, you are getting closer and closer
Eliminate stress and have fun making all possible points and passing screen after screen, in addition ... for each screen you pass there is a prize that you would like to use and that will help you in extreme cases.
To play, simply press the right or left of the screen according to where you want to direct this character.
- Totally free game
- A reward on each screen
- Easy to Play
- Funny and addictive
- 10 different scenarios
I hope you like it and thanks for playing.

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