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NURSERY RHYMES is a perfect app for your kids. Nursery Rhymes is fully offline app and doesn't require any internet connection. Around 40+ famous English Nursery Rhymes are handpicked and sorted for kids to enjoy all characters at one place.
Research supports the assertion that music and rhyme increase a child's ability in spatial reasoning which aid mathematics skills
The interface is very simple keeping in mind that the app would be used not only by parents and teachers but by kids themselves. To increase the ease of use rhymes are arranged in alphabetical order.
This app with image , audio and video features can prove to be your child’s best friend as :
1) Videos of rhymes depict moving characters which help with coordination because children use their whole bodies to act out the nursery rhymes they hear.
2) Rhyme characters experience many different emotions. This can help children identify their own emotions and understand the real emotions of others.
3) When children act out the nursery rhyme stories they hear, they learn to imagine, be creative, and express themselves.
4) As children recite rhymes and sing songs, they will learn new vocabulary and how to articulate words, modulate their voices, and enunciate clearly.
Alphabetical List Of Nursery Rhymes in the app,
1. ABC
2. Baba baba black sheep
3. Bits of paper
4. Chubby cheeks
5. Ding Dong Bell
6. Early to Bed
7. Flip Flap
8. Goosey Goosey Gander
9. Hickety Pickety
10. Hickory Dickory
11. Hot Cross Buns
12. Humpty Dumpty
13. I am a teapot
14. I have a little nose
15. Jack and Jill
16. Johny Johny
17. Kites Kites
18. Little Miss. Muffet
19. London Bridge
20. Mulburry Bush
21. My Red Balloon
22. Ninny Nanny Netticoat
23. Old Mc Donald
24. One Two Buckle My shoe
25. Pat a Cake
26. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
27. Peas Porridge
28. Pussycat Pussycat
29. Quick Quick Quick
30. Rain Rain Go Away
31. Row your Boat
32. See Saw
33. Ten Little Fingers
34. Three Blind Mice
35. To market
36. Up in the Dark sky
37. Violin Violin
38. Wee Willie Winkie
39. Xmas Tree
40. Yankee Doodle
41. Zoo song
Features Available:
1. Favorites
2. Shuffle Rhymes
3. Looping
4. Play in background
5. Next Button
6 Previous Button
1. Get started with Alphabets for preschool kids.
2. Explore new words with Phonics to understand the usage of alphabets, ABC, and words for preschool children and nursery kids.
3. Cute Animations with lovely characters like Jack , Jill , Little Miss Muffet , Johny Johny etc.
4. Easy access to high quality videos
5. Soothing background music
6. 40 + animated rhymes with pictures audios and corresponding videos.
7. 100% Free Content. Just download each video once and then no need to stream.
8. Not only for children up to age of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old but it offers a very good tool to teachers as well .
9. Lyrics for rhymes on pictures
10. Simple interface to operate. Swipe left or right to change rhymes
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