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Smart Cycle Blaze Speed & STEM

发行商: Fisher-Price, Inc.
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**Smart Cycle® hardware and $4.99 In-App Purchase required for game play - because the more kids pedal, the more they can learn!** Rev up and roll out into the world of Blaze and the Monster Machines! Help Blaze speed through and explore Axle City, the Badlands and the Monster Dome and play mini games along the way! Collect flags to unlock additional Monster Machine friends - Crusher, Stripes, Zeg, Pickle and Starla! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum is woven throughout the app and naturally levels up as kids learn. With all of Blaze’s world to explore, 3 mini games and 10+ levels of play, your preschooler will gain the tools they need for kindergarten readiness, while unlocking awesome adventure along the way!
APP TEACHES: SCIENCE – Physics concepts TECHNOLOGY – Simple machines ENGINEERING – Spatial relations & problem solving MATH – Size & sequencing 6 AREAS TO EXPLORE – INCLUDES DRIVING, GAMING, RACING & MORE! • DRIVING! Cruise & Explore the City Outskirts, Canyon Mine, the Badlands and Axle City and encounter mini games along the way. Collect gears as you go – collect 3 to activate Blazing Speed and earn a flag. Collect 10 flags to unlock a new character! • RACING! Kids pedal as fast as they can against Crusher to win the big race! • GAMING! 3 different games throughout Axle City! 1. Truckball Trajectory – help Blaze practice his skills on the Truckball Court and use trajectory to make a series of baskets. Players use the game controller to move the trajectory path and align it with the hoop. Then, pedal to make Blaze shoot. 2. Off-Road Velocity – Blaze has discovered an off-road ramp in the City Outskirts. In this game of physics and velocity, players will pedal to launch Blaze off the ramp and attempt to hit the target. Pedal too fast (or not fast enough) and see what happens as Blaze lands in dirt, mud and more! 3. Gear Engineer – Gabby needs help fixing the broken gears in the Axle City Truck Wash so Pickle can get clean. Help by placing gears on the empty pegs in the right order to connect the gears and get them moving again! Use the game controller to choose then pedal to see if they work!
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