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Word Search is an implementation of the classic and famous word search puzzle game.
Word Search, also known as Mixed Words, Word Find, Word Seek or Word Sleuth, offers you to play to an infinite number of automatically generated grids.
Word Search supports 17 languages and 11 different sizes of grids (from 5x5 to 15x15). It lets you to change easily the difficulty of the game. To complete a grid, you have fo find all the words picked from our 100000+ database of words horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
Besides, Word Search offers you the following features :
- Smooth gameplay
- 14 achievements to unlock on Google Play Games (Play 50 grids to 1000 grids and Solve 10 grids to 1000 grids)
- 13 leaderboards on Google Play Games to challenge yourself against the rest of the players around the World (Most Grids Played, Most Grids Solved, Best Time for 5x5, …)
- Choose your language from 17 supported languages (English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, …)
- Choose grids’ size (from 5x5 to 15x15)
- Configure the grids’ generation by choosing the number of words to use
- Configure the pencil to use to select words in grids
- Allow substrings in words
- Animations when you find a word
- Keep your best scores via Google Play Games
With Word Search Mixed Words, you are going to have hours and hours of fun on your devices. Don’t hesitate to contact me to give me your feedback or ideas to improve Word Search via email : sylvain.saurel@gmail.com

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