Pixel Hunt: Many Real Guns Mod

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In the abundance of the mods for PC edition of a well known game with blocky graphics, there are not a lot of them made into a Mini Game for mobile devices. Join this battle, upgrade your weapons and be the best on the leader-board.
Many Real Guns Mod game is a pocket edition of a blocky graphics 3D first person shooter which is based on survival and war mods and addons like desnoguns, block, epic, heuristick's,stefinus, ferullo's, techguns, wold and other gun mods.
Choose your character and map, pick your favorite weapon, upgrade it and start fighting. You can choose from a huge range of real life weapons, such as AK47, Machine Gun, M4, Thompson, Uzi, Sniper and too many more! Can you get the best score in one match? Or are you good enough to be on the all-time best leader-board.
You can choose from three different types of game-plays.
One of them is the single player Training, where you are constantly attacked by your enemies. Try to survive for as long as you can and get the achievement and climb the rankings.
In the Multiplayer mode you can choose from two gameplays. Deathmatch where every man is for himself and Team match, where you can get you clan together again and prove to your enemies that you are not a joke
Collect as much gold as you can and upgrade your weapons so that you are even stronger against other players.

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