Magic Mermaid - Spa, Makeup and Dress Up Game for Girls

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful ocean to see mermaids and other magical creatures of the sea! Play with all kinds of magical looks for the mermaids in this fun and colorful makeover game! Choose her hairstyle and jewelry, apply makeup and face paint, and dress her in a pretty outfit.
Start at the spa by giving her facial treatments using oceanic cleansers and lotions. That will help get her skin ready for the makeup you’ll apply to her face. There will be eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick in a rainbow of colors to choose from! Then dress her in wonderful outfits, including tops and skirts. Mix and match her tail and fin, and give her a magic wand. There are lots of interesting options to help decorate your mermaid. Take pictures of her in the magical sea to show all of your friends!
Game Features:
- Spa, Makeup and Dress Up
- Ocean-themed spa and cosmetics
- Interesting hairstyles, including 3 different rainbow hair color options for each style
- Have fun trying on mermaid fashions!
- 5 fascinating sea pets to choose from in the dress up section
- Select one of 5 beautiful backgrounds after you’ve finished her makeover
Let the magic begin!
By downloading this app you will be able to use some of the items for free. However, if you wish to use all of the items, including mermaid Lola, as well as some makeup and dress up items, you may purchase the full version.

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