Onigokko for Doraemon-Preschool educational game for toddlers-Touch game

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【Dorayaki Touch Game】
Chasing a moving dry fly
It is a simple tag game touch game.
Talk and touch
I will run away.
Become faster and faster in all five
It will be difficult.
As operation is easy,
If children get addicted
I am hooked.
Onigokko you can play again and again
Dorayaki action game
Kill time ♪
【puzzle game】
Education with nine-sided puzzles.
Next to the black panel
The picture moves when you touch it.
9 sides but surprisingly
In a difficult puzzle
Train your brain and have a brain training effect.
In puzzle since small
May I improve my mind when I play?
Challenge the educational puzzle for toddlers!
[Sound touch of the instrument]
Piano and trumpet,
From Western instruments such as cymbals
Japanese musical instruments such as drums and drums
Of various instruments
Sound and play
Musical instrument voice touch for infants,
It is an educational application.
Sound the instrument with Dora-chan
Remember as many times as you like
I want to make a sound.
If there is a sound of the instrument I like
Just sound the instrument
To kill time of children
You can use it.
[Suggestions to be worthwhile]
From the name scene of Doraemon
Impressive Quotations and Names of Characters,
A misnomer !? and a rant also appear.
For each category
Seen in slide form
It is a quote gallery.
A favorite quote to a quote
Can save up to 3
Bookmark function is installed.
※ This app is an unofficial non-approved fan app by Doraemon fans.
It has nothing to do with related companies, comics or products.
[For parents]
This app is a free app for voice learning touch game for toddlers.
Ads will be displayed on this app, but there will be no in-app billing.
Also, since there is no function to acquire personal information etc., you can use with confidence.
This is not the case for the link that touched the ad.
As you will hear the sound when using, please be careful with the volume.
Some older smartphones may not be available,
Please note that this is not a malfunction of the app.

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