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Contacts Junction or Coju is an integrated contacts app that saves you time and stress with its powerful viewing, backup, export/import, sharing, duplicates deletion, Bluetooth exchange and restoring deleted contacts capabilities.
There is no contacts app like Coju for Android and it is a much have for every Android phone or tablet. Contacts can be backed up in your device or into your email/cloud account and can be easily restored anytime you need in the same or different device. Contacts can also be shared in vCard format which can be sent to an email address, message or cloud. The export feature allows to export any number of contacts in vCard or CSV format which can be stored in cloud of phone storage.
Using the import mechanism, contacts can also be imported from vCard and CSV formats, with the import utility using Coju’s built- in file browser to list all CSV and vCard files in your phone or cloud. If you want to transfer contacts to a nearby device, Coju has the Bluetooth transfer option allowing you to transfer contacts easily to any Bluetooth enabled device. This contacts app also comes with a toolkit for removal of duplicate contacts, keeping your contacts storage clean and efficient. For contacts that are accidently deleted, you can restore them using the Deleted Contacts viewing capability.
Note that deleted contacts can be restored only under certain conditions and this may not work for all devices. This contacts app also has a dialer allowing you to make calls or send messages giving you the option to replace the default contact app provided with your phone. Detailed abilities of Coju listed below: * Backing up entire contacts list in a vCard file and storing it in local folder or email/cloud account for retrieval anytime in same or different device * Allowing you to transfer or exchange contacts via Bluetooth * Duplicates Toolkit gives you the ability to view and delete duplicate contacts * Restore deleted contacts under certain conditions * Saving any number of contacts in a Microsoft Excel / Google Docs editable CSV file and storing it in local folder or email/cloud account for retrieval anytime in same or different device * Transferring contacts in vCard format from software like Microsoft® Outlook, Act! and other Android/iOS phones/tablets into your device * Transferring contacts between your phone to other software as well as Android/iOS phones/tablets using the vCard format * Transferring calls from multiple contacts directly to Voicemail so that you never get their calls again * Filtering contacts, for example, listing only contacts with pictures * Telling you the last time you contacted your friend, even if it was several years ago * Telling you the number of times you have contacted each one of your contacts * Sending details of multiple contacts to a friend either through message or email * Calls can be made by selecting contact picture and then calling the number For more information please visit:

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