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A new adventure where you will be the protagonist. You can customize to your liking and change the way that you like your cake by adding baby, princess and many more ornaments. You can choose the cake that you like, depending on whether you're a guy or a girl. Make cake Pastry pure style.
Surprise the guests at the royal ball with Cooking Games delicious cake Girls Games baking game in which you will learn how to prepare one of the most awesome desserts they have ever tasted. The start will consist of you preparing the batter. Cooking Games super cake Girls Games you will have to use all the best ingredients at your disposal in order to ensure that the quality is nothing less than perfect.
The game offers you everything to cook, make & dress up delicious tasty cakes pan filled emotionally. The best way to keep your little children busy that also make others happy by cooking and licking their fingers Decorative Pancakes on this Cooking Games super cake Girls Games. Bring a little color in your life with this rainbow cake kitchen game. Cooking Games super cake Girls Games Bake your cake by mixing the ingredients, add the food coloring, bake, then decorate with delicious sweets. So there will be lots of colors when you eat it. Why not surprise your guests at your next birthday party with a rainbow cake.

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