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Transform Snake Robot City Battle 2017

发行商: Top Tap Games
价格: 免费


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Its a Robot - Its a big Snake - Its Anaconda ; Not it's Robo-Snake that transforms between Snake and Robot
The secret medical mission went wrong giving birth to Huge Anaconda that can transform into Robot as well. Transform Snake Robot just managed to escape from laboratory and is on loose. People and other super natural humans are sent on mission to catch you. Can you escape and start a new peaceful life ?
Don't ponder for a minute and run for your life. You can use transformation power to handle opponents as Anaconda or Robot ; you are the best judge on handling the situation. There is no easy escape and you have to kill opponent to escape. Destroy buildings, throw vehicles and kill opponents to get maximum points through missions. Find your enemies and attack them rigorously. You have to fight with city heroes for your ultimate escape mission.
This game is specially designed on rampage pattern for maximum thrill & adventures. Its interesting missions will give you an amazing experience of anaconda snake robot. Transform your snake into robot once needed & use your weapons wisely to kill giant rivals.Its interesting gameplay and rampage missions assure that you will never get bored and will play again & again.
Are you ready for worse snake robot city battle adventures?


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