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OTG USB Checker is tool that can quickly and effectively to fully check and verify your Android device system USB OTG capabilities without Rooted your Android Phone or Tablet.
If your device can support USB OTG, then mean that your device can be use to connect to standard USB input device such as keyboard, external storage, otg adapter , otg flash drive and etc.
USB OTG Checker let you to check,
- Check Device OS on USB OTG: Your device operating system or custom ROM has the USB OTG API?
- Check USB OTG Signal: Your device has load with USB OTG driver or kernel to communicate to the USB OTG Connected device
- OTG chacker it's work without root permissions so you dont need the root in your device
Check if USB host functions are enabled on your Android-powered device.
Starting from Android 4, applications can use functions of USB OTG host, but many devices have this functionality ( usb otg ) disabled
*** Feel free to email me any questions and give me suggestion about this tools. I will try to improve the USB OTG Checker tool and fix any bug! Thanks!!

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