Jungle Adventure Run:A Classic Platform Game

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"Super Jungle Adventure" is a legendary platformer.This classic game will make you addicted to. Be nimble... be quick... and help Lep find his gold. It's hidden in a range of awesomely well-designed levels, and he's determined to find it all! PLEASE NOTE: Jungle World is completely free to play, but there may be some in-game items that you can purchase. If you don't want to use this feature, simply disable the in-app purchase in your device settings mode. Lep has lost his gold, so to find it he needs you to help him run and jump through the fantastical realms of Jungle World. Be careful, though. This place is full of beastly monsters, and they'll do everything they can to stop little Lep. If you collect a cloverleaf gold coin, Lep's health grows. Ah, but health alone won't keep Lep out of trouble. Even an angry bee could sting him! Use your smooth, easy moves to guide Lep on his adventure. It's fun-packed adventure game for all ages.! Boosters: - Juice Blast Soda item - Gives you an extra +5 blossom moves - Jelly boost Crush - Gives you an extra +30 blossom seconds - Juice Jam boost - replaces Jelly Fruit colors in the nearby field - Special candy boost - Crushes all Candy in a cross line - Sweet Crush Shovel Breaker - Breaks one item on the field - Big Soda Jam Breaker - Breaks one item on the field - Fruit Pop Smash - Crush the jelly & splash all the candy that have the same color - Fruit Smash Link - Break the blocks & jam all the candy on the puzzle vertical line - Special Blast Juice - Crush the jelly & splash all fruits in a row and also on a horizontal line - Jelly Sweet Soda Pop - it's a multi-color blossom bomb which pops and destroys all the same color items in the game We try our best to design the most interesting games,but there must be some place not good enough.If you have any suggestions please tell us.Your 5-star reviews or comments or suggestions of improved, is the best support for us.Thank you!

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