Secret Double Life - The Magic Begins

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“I am Hannah, and I am just an average 10-year-old girl next door. My parents run a small restaurant in the city and we live upstairs. I have to admit that deep down in my heart, I have two crazy dreams. I call them my ‘impossible dreams’.
My first impossible dream is that I will become a superstar someday. I will wear the most gorgeous dress and walk the red carpet.
My second impossible dream is umm… I am a little shy to admit that I have a huge crush on the boy next door. His name is Jeremy. He is cute and cool, and he makes me laugh. I hope he will know my heart someday, and that he likes me back.”
You play the girl with a double life! She is 10 year old nerdy girl and a 16 year old superstar girl!
And so much more are waiting for you to find out!
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