Jurassic Train Simulator

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You like train simulators and dinosaur games? Become a train driver in jurassic period animals park! Drive train in prehistoric dino park! Explore the world of dinosaurs!
You are train driver, who drives through the Jurassic dino park. Dinosaurs are huge animals, which everyone wants to see. Drive train with passengers and enjoy views of jurassic period zoo! But machinist need to be on the alert - at any time the tyrannosaur think about chase the train! Deliver passengers to station in safety!
Open world of prehistoric dino park! Earn on transportation and upgrade your dinosaur train! Open new trains and routes of jurassic zoo! Show that the real machinist is not afraid even when the train is chased by a T Rex!
Warning! Jurassic Train Simulator is created for fun and entertainment! Real train driver's cabin may look different!

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