Super Slime Hero City Battle

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Get ready for the final battle in the grand city where super Slime Hero fight with city mafia with the help of amazing balling powers. You practice an illusory character of epic hero games which is only in your fancy and yet not in actual or tangible form. It is with duel scope as it through the powerful balls on his super villains with addition of sports car driving of death games. Super slime hero fights with bad villains and save the grand city. This fighting simulator is full of action, thrilling and exciting for all action lovers.
Super Slime Hero City Battle is a thrilling game where you play as Super Slime Hero, fight with super villains like monster Villain and dangerous fantastic villain. You can use his fantastic balling powers against the super powers of your dangerous challengers. Slime hero uses its multiple SLIME powers to kill the dangerous city enemies and save the city town from evil forces.
Super Slime Hero City Battle started with interesting gameplay, where you play as super slime hero and fight with corrupt police officers and criminals. Suddenly superheroes changes into dangerous super villains and destroy the vice city, kidnap the mastermind scientists and grab the amazing bio weapons from them. Super slime hero comes in the urban city and fight for the justice. Super Slime Hero fights with super villains like bat villain, spider villain, crazy monster villain and their boss fantastic villain. Angry villains try to steal the bio weapons from the scientist to destroy your homeland and kill the good civilians. Slime hero uses its slime ball combo power to stop them and save the innocent public. Slime hero chases the city cops and drugs mafia with the help of sports car.
• Play as amazing Slime hero to save the city from dangerous rivals
• Dangerous super villains are monster villain, spider villain & corrupt cops
• Slime hero uses its power like single slime ball & multiple slime balls attacks
• Interesting gameplay with battle environment
• HD graphics and realistic sound effects
Super Slime hero city battle is specially designed for all Slime hero lovers and superheroes fighting fans. Super Slime super hero throws Slime Balls on them and removes the evil powers from the vice city. It is a final battle full dangerous mission. Incredible slime hero fights for the justice and become city defender.

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