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Tamed : Safari Survival Evolved

发行商: Wild Foot Games
价格: 0.99 USD


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You wake up alone . . . helpless . . . a lion roars in the distance. Get up . . .get moving . . find a weapon. Make a shelter before the onslaught begins.
A massive meteor has destroyed the world you once knew. This girls is fired up and ready to accept any challenge that meets her. Your mission is to explore this huge savannah island full of wild African animals that need to be tamed. You must find food, gather resources, craft magic, and weapons. As you begin to feel hungry and thirsty, you will need to perfect your hunting skills. When the time comes, you will need to find your mate. Your will tame wild animals such as a Wild Board, Giant Lion, or even a Giant flying Eagle! You will start by taming the small animals first.
There are plenty of savage animals to avoid. Wild Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, and many more. Seek protection by building a wooden shelter. This will help protect you from some of the larger beasts. Is this your last day on earth? We help guide you through the game to make it more enjoyable.
Keep moving. Don't stand still. The wild things will come get you. Develop and perfect your hunting skillset.
Keep an eye on your health, hunger and thirst levels
Hunt when you can, before you run out of food. Don’t starve.
Discover the vast African safari wilderness. We help advise you on your epic journey. This island has been created with open world survival in mind. The different map sections include swamp, desert, savannah, and cave.
If survival games are your forte, then Tamed : Safari Survival Evolve is what you have been looking for.
Planned updates include Multiplayer and Primitive Vehicles.
Tamed is a series of games we created at Wild Foot. We would really like to hear from you. Come and stop by our Facebook page: for updates. Stay tuned for our new Epic Quest series soon to be released.

Be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators. We understand that the game is by no means perfect and we welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Good luck!


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