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Cooking Games Story Chef Business Restaurant Food

发行商: Meow Studios
价格: 免费


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Cooking Games Story Chef Business Restaurant Food is the Newest FREE game for kids, mothers and entire families that love real American fast food burgers or authentic italian pizza or pasta!
Learn brand new or authentic delicious recipes from Chef Julia who will teach you in high detail how to prepare many tasty dishes. Cook great food, upgrade your kitchen tools and manage your restaurants .
Become the top chef you always dreamed to like Oliver Ramsay or Nigella. Use your fever and excitement in your cooking process and try to stay innovative!
Prepare tasty Chinese noodles , Japanese sushi or Mexican food like burrito, nachos, tacos or fajitas. Prepare breakfast, dinner at your diner as well as dash some desserts. Delicious desserts are a great way to satisfy your customers.
Remember the days when mama was cooking the best world wide dishes for you as a kid. Dash cook in order to become the next master super chef.
Features of the game:
- Join the best food maker cooking games on the market today!
- Grill amazing burgers, hotdogs or stakes to serve your customers
- Prepare incredible cakes, cupcakes, muffins, candy and american donuts maker
- Cook tasty pasta, tortellini, spaghetti, carbonara or pepperoni pizza, sea food pizza
- Order your noodle box up and serve your customers today!
- Help Julia the new chef in town to grow her skills and play hundreds of missions
- Finally use your fever of cooking in a constructive way!
- Simulate real life cooking and food preparation like burger, pizza, kebab or nachos
- Crate only the best dishes in your restaurant business and try to make profit
- Pizza, ramen or sushi has never tasted better unlike Barbecue ribs!
- You will soon become the best top chef and cook like your mama
- Millions of players world wide making cheeseburger or hot dog!
- Multiple challenges and hundreds of hours of gameplay
- Upgrade your kitchen and bring the most famous chefs and cooks in the world
- Your clients are always hungry and lose their patience very fast so make sure you have your burger and hot dog ready at any time!
- You like bio organic food? Check out our fresh fish and cook something epic with it.
- Birish English or Irish foods or french food are your favorite? You will love these games.
- Oriental Turkish, Arabian and Indian foods can not be separated from this game.
- Wash the plates before serving new customers
- In holidays prepare Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner or Easter snacks
- Play this simulator of cooking business today and help Julia become a food Tycoon
- Becoming a world chef has always been your dream so what are you waiting for?
- Cooking has never been this fun before!
- It's Fever time!
- Serve food in the street food stands
You have never played such a story / tale of a cooking games before. Your mama will be proud! Become a rising world wide known chef of super skills.
Download Cooking Games Story Fever Chef Restaurant Food and be the master Super Chef by creating all the possible world wide cuisines dishes.


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