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LeapFrog Academy Learning Games & Activities

发行商: LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
价格: 免费


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Log in to your existing account or sign up for this learning app and get a 1-Month FREE trial. The program includes more than 2,000 of our best eBooks, games, puzzles and videos.
Each Learning Adventure provides a well-rounded curriculum that includes traditional school subjects blended with life skills like creativity, problem solving and social-emotional skills.
Reading, writing and spelling games for kids help them become confident readers with lessons in the ABCs, syllables, uppercase and lowercase letter and rhymes. Math games build skills like counting, comparing and sorting to help young learners think critically and solve problems. Science activities explore scientific concepts including STEM skills, life cycles, human body, simple machines, observations and more. Critical thinking and problem solving activities develop memory and planning skills by exercising logic and reasoning. Creativity activities build a strong foundation of music and art to help children in their ability to create and imagine. Health and feelings activities build social and emotional skills that allow children to develop and engage with learning they can bring to their daily lives.
When advancing through the game, discover activities and earn rewards as you travel along colorful 3D winding paths. When an activity is complete, the next one is unlocked.
LeapFrog Academy learning app is a safe environment for children. There’s no advertising or ability for an external party to contact your child.
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Subscription Details:
Upon downloading the app, choose your subscription plan and activate a 1-Month free trial. Cancel any time from your Amazon account and enjoy the app until your subscription plan ends.
• While the app is free to download, one of three subscription plans is required to access the program. Choose from the following plans to get started:
• Monthly Plan: US$7.99/CAN$9.99 per month
• 6-Month Plan: US$39.99/CAN$49.99 every 6 months
• 12-Month Plan: US$69.99/CAN$89.99 every 12 months
• FREE 1 Month trial starts after you sign up for the subscription
• Subscription fee will be charged on the first day following the 1-Month free trial and will be charged to your Amazon account
• Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period
• Subscription can be managed at any time via your Amazon account
• If you have any questions, visit


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