Princess at Spa Salon

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Hey girls.
Every girl should have self confidence but its goes up when you look beautiful dress up with fashion clothes. Is this right? Of course, that's the reason the princess in this new girl game needs help for a transformation. She took a day off to spend it at spa, relaxing with some spa treatments. Are you ready to join her?
First of all the princess needs a warm bath benefic for the body skin. While she stays in the bathtub you should apply her a profession face mask that will help her skin be softer and shinier. Next you should take the shampoo and wash carefully her hair to preapre it for a new amazing hairstyle..
In the next level, you have the possibility to create a fabulous make up using those makeup products you have arround. Use a nice lipstick, a maskara, a colored eyeshadow, a blush and don't forget to change eye color to complete the makeup session for our cute princess!
In the last level the princess asks you to choose a wonderful dress and a pair of high heels shoes. Try on all the dresses and pick up the most beautiful one. Have fun in this beautiful girl game and make our princess look amazing! For more similar girls games you can try other games from our profile, you can play with your friends and share if you liked it!
Enjoy and have fun!

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