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Place bids or buy US coins on with this app's unique coin categories (see below) designed to help coin collectors and dealers shopping for American coins.
Users get full access to newly listed eBay auctions and 'Buy it Now' listings with images, prices, number of bids, end dates and more things buyers need to know. The app is authorized by the eBay Partner Network (EPN). We (Coin Applications) do not see or store anything you do in the app such as login, browsing or sharing.
US coins are categorized and divided as follows:
Half cents
Large cents
Two cent pieces
Silver Three cents pieces
Nickel three cent pieces
Half dimes
Twenty cent pieces
US Gold Coins
Lincoln Penny (One-Cent Coin)
Jefferson Nickel (Five-Cent Coin)
Dime (Ten-Cent Coin)
Quarter Dollar (Twenty-Five Cent Coin)
Kennedy Half Dollar (Fifty-Cent Coin)
Native American $1 Coin.
Presidential $1 Coin
US Commemorative Coins

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