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Discover children's movies & series with your TOGGO heroes.
The TOGGO Video App features free episodes of your favorite series like Angelo, Pokemon, LEGO Ninjago and more. Enjoy hours of entertainment with over 1,000 short clips and full episodes of the best cartoon series.
Follow your favourite series with a simple click in the app and receive the latest TV programme from TOGGO and the new channel TOGGO plus.
With the app you can not only watch your favourite series for free, but also create favourite lists. You'll be notified as soon as new episodes of your beloved cartoon series become available.
The TOGGO Video App is absolutely free! Enjoy your favorite series online and enjoy hours of entertainment anytime, anywhere.
What the TOGGO Video App has to offer:
Free cartoon series
- Dragons
- LEGO Ninjago
- Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks
- Angelo
- Sally Bollywood
- spirit
- TOGGO Show
- Barbie
- The Nekton
- Woozle Goozle
- Pokemon
- And much more!
Series and Clips
- Explore over 1,000 series episodes, clips and more
- Follow series and never miss anything new again
Watch for free
- TOGGO is financed by advertising, so you don't have to pay anything.
Download TOGGO now and watch the best cartoon series and children's movies!
The app can only be used with an Internet connection. TOGGO content can be accessed online in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Please note that the app is optimized for the latest version of your operating system. If you have any problems, our support will be happy to help you.
You can find information about data protection and our terms and conditions here:
Problems with the app? Send us an e-mail to:
Further information about TOGGO can be found at

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