Galactic Heroes 2018 : Survival War

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As a super hero you have to kill the enemies & save the world!
Be a Super Fearless Hero in city & start Super Adventure.
World is under attack by aliens, invaders & monsters. Help your people & Save the world from aliens & enemies. Galactic hero has ultimate super powers, strenght & agility. Use super powers like Spin attack, Grab attack, Laser attack and many more to kill the enemies in your city! Obstacles are heading your way, your enemies are growing up, demolish them & make your mission complete.
The invaders move randomly in different areas & all have different powers, and you have no idea what comes next. Try to kill all enemies to get score and save the people. Survive, stay alive, rescue and fight to kill invaders. Different action packed missions with ultimate thrill & adventure are waiting for you!
Enjoy this fun addictive game like a true fighter!

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