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Awesome HD Wallpapers and Cool Backgrounds PRO

发行商: StarPic
价格: 0.99 USD


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Wanna changes in your life? Start with new wallpapers on your phone. Awesome pictures, live backgrounds and HD wallpapers! Amaze your friends with cool 4K wallpaper and 3D images. In our application, you can find more than 15 awesome categories of high resolution backgrounds with daily updates. Application provides wallpapers in the highest quality and adopt them to any of your Android based devices. We provide huge variety of HD wallpapers and modern backgrounds for your phone: - Abstract: "Trust Me - I'm Artist" - follow your art-mood on your home screen. - Beautiful Girl: we are all romantics inside - beauty is so natural. - Funny: our wallpapers make you smile each time you pick your phone. - Auto: you can have a car of your dream in your pocket. - Sport: motivate yourself! Install sport themes - one step closer to new records! - Anime: your favourite characters from amazing anime and manga will live on your home screen - Animals: cute and funny, dangerous and cunning - in this category everyone will find a pet for himself! - and other cool categories full of best wallpapers in high resolution (4K, 3D, HD) Do not waste your time - friendly and powerful user interface will help you fast and easy find background for your Android device you dream about. Less - does not mean worse! - our application is minimalistic and perfectly optimized for working with mobile and other devices based on Android OS. We are trying to make this app unique and most exciting for you. Leave your feedback about our application and get a plus in karma =)


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