Street Food Truck Festival - Cook and Serve up delicious food to your customers with this fun game!

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Do you have what it takes to be the master of all chefs out there? If yes! Then prove your skills this food festival. There is going to be a crazy food fever in the food streets of your city. May it be the art of juice making or the expertise of a burger maker, pizza maker or a cake maker, show your customers that you are the top restaurant chef. “Street Food Truck Festival” is going to provide you the platform to show your talent to the world through various activities, which may include handling the payments and bills at the cash counter, tossing out yummy treats and adding them to the wide range of ice cream flavors you have at the chef counter, mixing ingredients in the baking utensils and quickly putting it into the ovens, dicing salads on the cutting board and tossing it into the mixing bowls and preparing hot beverages on the stove. With no kitchen helpers or separate grill-room you have to put life in the food street with your delicious lunch boxes. Being a virtual cook, take some time out from your food truck and visit the chef spa and try all the chef outfits. Occasionally you would have to provide a home delivery facility of the fast food to the neighboring areas. Use your cooking tool efficiently and try to attract the customers from the nearby cafeteria, bakery and coffee shop through the aroma of your yummy treats. These mini cooking games will make you a star of the “Street Food Truck Festival”.
Being a virtual cook, playing cooking games brings out the best in you. You have been to a number of cafeteria, grill-room, coffee shop and bakery but you always managed to find something lagging behind so you have started a food truck of your own to openly challenge all the pizza maker, cake maker, burger maker and restaurant chef to compete with you in the “Street Food Truck Festival”. There is a crazy food fever going on in the food festival being held at the food street of your city. You will have many missions to complete in this festival to prove your identity as the Master Chef. You will be provided with the necessary mixing ingredients, cooking tool, baking utensils, cutting boards, mixing bowls, stoves and ovens but no kitchen helpers for your aid. Your tasks would include juice making, scooping out ice cream flavors, preparing and packing fast food and salad into the lunch box, pouring beverages and placing them on the chef counter. You would have to hand out bills and take payments at the cash counter and then get back to the next order. You may also have to manage home delivery in given time. You can also visit the chef spa and get a spa treatment done and try all those beautiful chef outfits designed especially for you.
Astounding features of Street Food Truck Festival:
•Visit the chef spa and get treatments done
•Dress up appropriately in the chef outfits specially designed for the restaurant chef
•Learn the skills or pizza maker, cake maker, burger maker
•Being a virtual cook, run your own food truck in the food festival held at the food street
•Compete with the neighboring coffee shop, bakery, grill room and cafeteria
•Give out bills, collect payments on the cash counter
•Learn the art of juice making, digging out ice-cream flavors and mixing ingredients at the chef counter
•Study how to make yummy treats and beverages in the stoves and ovens
•Do home delivery of the fast food filled lunch boxes to the customers
•Work with all cooking tool including salad dicer, cutting boards, mixing bowls and baking utensils
Street Food Truck Festival enables you to satisfy your food fever by playing these mini cooking games without any kitchen helpers.
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