Charlie Charlie Challenge

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Charlie Charlie Challenge on your Android: The only app of charlie charlie that actually hear your questions, don't use foolish imitations.
You can also unlock achievements and get score , you can compare your progress with friends and the rest of the world.
Now you can also write your questions to Charlie with your keyboard and make the Charlie Charlie Challenge regardless of the situation!
BE CAREFUL! It seems that Charlie has changed its behaviour a little... He remembers the questions you asked him and it seems that he doesn't like so much answering repeated questions... Also, it seems that certain questions have started make Charlie REALLY ANGRY, Will you dare to discover which ones?
Join the #CharlieCharlieChallenge! Have you heard about the game of Charlie Charlie?
The game starts asking the ghost Charlie: "Charlie, Charlie, are you there?" You'll see the pen moving towards the Yes or no. If your answer is Yes you can keep asking him, and he will answer you all with a Yes or a no.
Don't forget to call him by his name, if you don’t start the question with "Charlie, Charlie" the ghost will not answer your questions.
There are users that have reported paranormal activity using this app of Charlie Charlie, only the brave really dare to use it, are you one of them?
The Charlie Charlie game, known as Charlie Charlie Challenge has become very famous thanks to the videos that have shared the people who have played it. We want to issue our own challenge: you have to record a video using this app and share it in networks under the hashtag CharlieCharlieApp, and the best videos will be published on Youtube.

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