Princess Mermaid Race

发行商: Kerem Gönen
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Fall into the adventure of ocean, sea and ponds with beautiful autumn mermaids. Help her in this challenging life of the sea. Help the beautiful mermaid as beautiful as the princess if you stay away from the malicious shark attack.
Choose one of the beautiful mermaid Princess and join this adventure. The game is free and appeals to all ages.
Cute and lovely mermaid escapes shark attacks. Please help beautiful mermaid. Try to escape shark attack and collect all gifts with mermaid Princess. Be careful game speed increase each passing seconds.
Escape from hungry shark attack.You should make maximum score before shark catch you. More careful in shark attack will accelerate with each passing second.
How is the game played?
You can dragging screen to move up and down the mermaid.
- Different makeup mermaids.
- Wild sharks.
- High quality graphics.
- Cheers filled.
- The play is free.
Download it now and enjoy it now.

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