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Europa meistern

发行商: Jan Essig
价格: 3.50 USD


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I developed this app for – and together with my little daughter (now 10 years), when she was to learn the neighbouring countries of Germany, their capitals, sights, etc. in the 4th grade.
Europa meistern is divided into several, consecutive steps, so that the most important information is first practised, later assigned and can be played at the end with the learned information. In a new exercise (from V 1.0.0) You can now also learn the location, position and size of the countries on the map.
In an additional part, which we have baptized "knowledge", various additional information about each country is listed. This information is divided into small groups and can be obscured for learning.
All 47 countries located on the continent of Europe are listed in this app. In the settings it is possible to choose which of these countries should be practised and whether the capital or the flag should be learned (keyword: fun with flags!).
Europa meistern
With this entertaining and informative laying game app, the basic knowledge of Europe is trained in a playful way. Whether capital cities or flags – the different areas can be practised according to your wishes. Either as a mere assignment of the capital cities or flags to the right country or as a concentration-enhancing, where the matching pairs have to be found.
Of course, both the number of card pairs and the number of players variable. On request, the cards are read aloud and the time period for which cards are uncovered is also adjustable. The level of difficulty of the app increases with the number of card pairs.
Strong motivation for Europe-know-how
Alone against the time or as a challenge against an opponent – who needs the least moves to find the matching pairs? Who collects the most stars and is in the end European champion?
The visual presentation of the playing cards, the acoustic success signals, the sympathetic reading voice (daughters), the game variations, the pedagogically demanding content and the strict reduction to relevant content make the app a valuable Learning method.
Educational plus of the app
• Self-explanatory
• Focuses on learning content without distraction
• Motivating by reward system
• Practice Mode
• Difficulty levels selectable
• Number of card pairs selectable
• Readout function selectable
• Affectionate, appealing graphics
• No in-app sales
• Learning psychologically tested
The following information is displayed in the "knowledge" area and can be hidden/uncovered depending on your preferences.
• Country
• Capital city
• Official language
• Flag
• Map
• Area
• Number of inhabitants
• Population density
• Vehicle registration plate
• ISO 3166
• Rivers (the 3 longest)
• Landmarks (the 3 best known)
• People (for Germany they are divided into categories)
• National anthem (in national Language & German translation)
In the "knowledge" area, you can optionally listen to all hymns via YouTube video within the app. However, this function must only be released in the active settings!
Overview of the 47 countries of Europe (continent!):
• Albania
• Andorra
• Belgium
• Bosnia-Herzegovina
• Bulgaria
• Germany
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Greece
• Ireland
• Iceland
• Italy
• Kazakhstan (5.4% in Europe)
• Kosovo
• Croatia
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Macedonia
• Moldova
• Monaco
• Montenegro
• The Netherlands
• Norway
• Austria
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Russia (to 23.16% in Europe)
• San Marino
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Serbia
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Czech Republic
• Turkey (3% in Europe)
• Ukraine
• Hungary
• Vatican City
• United Kingdom
• Belarus


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