Offroad Public Transport Bus Driving

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Welcome to the Offroad Public Transport Bus Driving Game.It is full of fun,realistic driving,adventure to pick up and drop passengers.Transport Passengers from one Hill Station to another.
Offroad Public Transport Bus Driving will test your commercial driving skills and will give you expertise in off-road bus driving in the hilly areas where the weather keeps on changing.The passengers are waiting to ride in your bus and reach their destination safely.Be careful with offroad buses because city bus driving easy to control but of off-road are difficult to control.
Feel the thrill of steering a giant but beautiful piece of machinery through dangeorus obstacles, and reach your destination in time. Transport passengers seamlessly and safely by using various bus controls and drive settings.All that combined with smooth gameplay will make you feel like a master bus driver.
-Awesome Buses with Realistic Vehicle Physics
-Amazing Environment and 3D Graphics
-Realistic Offroad Experience.
-Bus Stop to Pick and Drop Passengers
-Passengers Animated
-Intelligent Traffic system
-Thrilling Precision Driving
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