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Horror Kiss

发行商: AppZek
价格: 免费


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Wake up in the dark room. The doors are locked. You don't know why you're here. There is strange noise outside. You remembered someone in your village told that there is a Horror House at the west of the village. Maybe, now you're here. You're in that House by someway, no one knows you're here, you must escape from the House by anyway. The Horror House is a big house with many rooms, you need to find enough secret keys to escape. First, you can find one in the first room easily. Be careful, don't make any noise, the old woman can hear you. Remember that you can hide under the bed or you can run away when she saw you. You know, you can run faster than her, but it's not easy to survive in this crazy house. Again, don't make any noise, keep silence and find the keys. You will see some dogs in the horror house. They're lazy and loving to sleep, however, be careful, let crouching to avoid waking them up. You have only 7 days to escape. Keep your mind strong! Don't let her kiss you. Let's go now.
The story of an old woman who lost her grandson, a 7-year-old boy found dead because of the wolf attack. After he died, her pain was not calm. Year after year, she always remembers her grandson. The house is so empty, dustier and has some dark corners. Children were passing by her house were arrested. She would not let them out of her house unless they managed to escape, because she thought that they were the lost grandson of her heart.
Love never ends. It lives on forever in her heart.


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