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Spooky Evil Neighbor

发行商: Nation Games 3D
价格: 免费


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Epic adventure &escape game that takes two friends into a spooky evil neighbor haunted house. The game is full of scary environment. In this spooky evil neighbor, you are playing as a curiousplayer. Where you have the task to get into spooky evil neighbor house and found some suspicious activity like black magic, escape and do not get caught. You are in search of spooky evil neighbor mysterious activities.You go inside to investigate the neighbor’s house because of some suspicious and abnormal doings. If he captured you your deadly mission fail.You sees the neighbor asleep, then makes some noise in the house. Spooky Evil Neighbor wakes up to go check. Player at night sneaks into the spooky evil neighbor’s house so that evil neighbor did not captures you guys. Can you escape this place; it will not be easy I swear you! Are you up for the Spooky Evil Neighbor action adventure simulator challenge?
Survival escape mission starts when you go to basement, he finds that his neighbor is a psychotic person who captures people from the town & tortures them to death. An all-new survival escape simulator game for the survival game fanatics filled with horror and supernatural events. If he catches you, he will kill you. Survival in this wilderness is a hard.You are now lost in his massive underground basement & his Scary Neighbor is after your life.You exits the basement and looks for a way out. He sees a phone and calls the cops. To make the spooky evil neighbor busy until the cops arrive, he locks the neighbor in the room. You use the chemicals to make the neighbor unconscious, take the house key, and escapes.You must be very careful, to think at how to escape from this spooky evil neighbor house. Now it is time to make a survival escape plan & find a way out alive of this Spooky Evil Neighbor haunted house!


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