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Water Surfer Bike Rider 3D

发行商: Rogue Gamez
价格: 免费


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Having the privilege to ride a beach bike is ecstatic but what makes riding a water bike more exciting? Well put a water surfer and a water bike together and voila you have a bike. Water surfing comes from cultures and traditions mixed into a cocktail of exotic fun. This epic sport was originated from Australia and then it spread throughout the globe, biker surfing is just not a culture but a lifestyle which dates back to the 1700’s and it was a vent out for fishermen to enjoy and relax. With the passage of time surfing has evolved into many different sports and it has taken shape into a new trend called beach surfing bike driving. Water Surfing bike, motor bike racing and beach surfing been combined into a lovely blend of pleasure seekers of extreme sports.
This game in particular is the perfect platform for such extreme sports pleasure seekers. Wave-riding has never been so exciting as water surfing. Not only the epic experiencing water but shared above land with super amazing stunt rider bike to get your heart beating fast. Downhill road riding too crazy stunt rider biker surfing with obstacles you’ve never imagined something so cool! This game has three water bikes and two super cool models, heavy water bike surfer, dirt surfing bike made to perform on land and on water while water surfing. All surfing bike are individually crafted in multiple colors; red, yellow and orange. And not just for the guys but the girls are also tempted to experience this epic game with our female water bike rider.
The game is situated in a beautiful lagoon lake environment with mountainous islands and a lighthouse with a vintage feel amazing for enjoying water surfing. The clear blue skies and soothing greenery atmosphere is a treat to eyes through our multiple camera angles you can enjoy it to fullest. The crazy stunt rider bike simulator can be boosted by NOS. each level has to be completed by checkpoints and in a certain time period. The game play is your window to surfing bike riding on extreme waves water surfing game.


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