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Shift OBD2

发行商: ali feili
价格: 3.99 USD


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Track vehicle performance in real time. Troubleshoot malfunctions by accessing vehicle's on board ECU. Track fuel economy in real time and long term to save money. Record HD video with overlaying gauges to see how well you perform on the track and more. Shift OBD2 transforms your Android device into a wireless all-in-one performance tracking and diagnostics tool.
• Customizable gauges with 90 sensors to choose from, Including fuel economy, boost pressure and G sensor gauge and battery voltage.
• Plot sensor data onto interactive graph and record real time sensor data up to 4 sensors at the same time.
• Save recorded data to csv file and export to PC for further analysis.
• Metric and imperial units for all gauges and graphs.
• Read and clear vehicle trouble codes and reset service engine light.
• Get additional information about trouble codes by tapping on it.
• Track fuel economy data with intuitive interface over three time intervals.
• Fuel economy data (Instantaneous and average) available in 4 units: mpg, km/l, l/100 km and Imperial mpg.
• Four methods of fuel economy calculation available.
• Long term fuel economy tracking in 5 different time intervals: (1,2,4,13,26 and 52 weeks) with interactive graph that can be cropped and scrolled through.
• Record HD video with up to four gauges and map superimposed.
• Save video with h.264 format for best quality/compression.
• Download freeze frame data.
• Emissions readiness test.
• Receive notifications when engine is overheating (i.e High water/oil temperatures).
• Read VIN, Calibration information and other useful data directly from the ECU.
• Multiple ECU support.
• HUD gauge designed for night driving.
• 5 different gauge styles. 3 different gauge layouts.
• Custom enhanced PID support.
• Speed limit warning.
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter compatible.
• Landscape mode available for all views.
Racetrack addon:
• Get drag race times:0–60 mph, 0–100 mph, quarter mile and 1/8 mile times.
• Get lap times as well as gap time.
• Record track circuit using GPS and get position in track in real time.
• Choose from stored tracks to race.
• Get comprehensive summary of race detailing every lap.
• Get other useful statistics such as distance traveled, max speed, max HP and more.
*** The app requires an obd2 ELM327 Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter.
To track fuel economy data, vehicle must be equipped with a MAF sensor.
A quality ELM327 obd2 adapter is recommended for optimal performance.
If you encounter any problems please contact me before giving a low rating. I'll fix the problem ASAP.


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