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Calibre Documents Provider

发行商: Karl Weckworth
价格: 1.49 USD


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The Calibre Documents Provider application extends the Android platform to allow access to eBooks through your calibre Content Server. Using the standard Android Files application, you can browse and access remote books files just like you access files that are loaded on your device shared storage.
With the eLibrary Manager application installed, you can also use that tool for accessing remote books, giving you all the capability to explore and read books without actually having those books loaded locally on your device.
IMPORTANT NOTE: By default, network access is enabled over WiFi (and Ethernet) only. If you enable access using mobile cellular data, be aware that scanning and reading remote book files can use significant amounts of data since those actions involve streaming book content. Also, this application is primarily intended for access to your calibre Content Server in a private local network. If you are accessing the Content Server over the internet, then be aware that book streaming will count against internet data limits as well.
Features include:
1) [!new!] Allow integrating applications like eLibrary Manager to update book information (metadata) in calibre libraries.
2) Browse all libraries available from your calibre Content Server.
3) Browse authors and categories (or tags) within those libraries.
4) Browse books within libraries or for specific authors or categories.
5) With the latest eLibrary Manager versions (v4.0 and higher) installed, add calibre libraries or subgroups of those libraries as root folders. You can scan and load remote books into your eLibrary Manager library, to make use of all search, organization and reading capabilities, without actually having those book files loaded locally on your device.
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