Pixel Battle : Royale Killer

发行商: Bag Studios
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Pixel Battle : Royale Killer:
Pixel battle killer is online battle shooter where the action takes place in a dying world. It’s Time for the ultimate battle. Jump into the arena with your pixel warriors and establish your stronghold in the battlefield. Everyone has a real chance to survive! Take your pixel warrior through dangerous tasks and face countless enemies to claim ultimate victory. Enter the arena and eliminate all enemies using modern guns. Increase your skills and you become the king of the Pixel battle!
Build your own way to the victory! This is the time to show them what we exactly are and what we can do to beat them. You have different weapons like Pistols, SMG, Rifle, Sniper, Grenades and RPG to destroy the base camps.
Be the best pixel warrior to save your nation and show them your real fps shooting skills to defeat all the enemies out there.
How to play:
Follow the instrustions of Level Tutorials thoroughly in 1st level.
- Move Player With Joystick.
- Aim and Shooting.
- Auto Shooting.

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