American Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Driving

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Save innocent lives! Be their rescue hero as an amazing american firefighter who saves lives and historic city landmarks from blazing infernos!
What is that sound! The fire alarm? Time to get into fire truck and rescue lives!
American Firefighter Truck Driving Ambulance Games is about driving and parking in a modern city, and then rescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’s truck. Drive your Fire Emergency Vehicle FAST and save pets, stop water and gas leaks, and complete many other dangerous missions, all within a gorgeous urban environment! If you locate the source of the fires quick enough, whether they be shops, plazas, or apartments, you’ll get a maximum reward! However, as you progress through the game, levels will become more complex, challenging, and…dangerous.
Are you prepared to serve all of humanity? This mission is not for the faint of heart. Then this firefighter simulation must be for you! Exercise caution at all times.
You are an ambulance rescue driver and you are provided with different rescue missions. You are the best ambulance driver of 2018. Fulfill your rescue duty in your areas.This city is in thrill and accident and you have to safely drive your city ambulance and take injured people to the nearest hospital. The best ambulance game of 2017 is here. Use your city ambulance to help people. Call ambulance 911 if you are in Europe and call ambulance 1122 if you are in Pakistan. You are doing the real ambulance rescue driving. Human life is much precious, so value them. This is going to be the best ambulance game of 2018. Prove that you have the best ambulance rescue team in the city. This is your ambulance rescue simulator 3D game.
Fire fighters! Ready to become a fireman in this realistic fire fighting simulator? We're on emergency rescue duty so you need to be ready to respond to fire emergencies at any time!
Fire truck driving has never been this intense, you don't need to be a superhero firefighter but you're under pressure to get on scene and rescue civilians!
Fire Truck Driving Simulator is not only designed as part of our fun kids games range but anyone can join in on this intense action and become a hero!
This isn't just a basic fire truck driving game! Not only will you be driving your fire truck but also get out on foot, grab your hose and put out fires!

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