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Roll up your sleeves, tighten up apron and wear chef hat to become a high school girl chef. Learn cooking management and time management skills in girl high school café game. Test your cooking skills in high school café, serve tasty meal boxes to high school students waiting at the counter.
Take orders from hungry high school students, teachers and serve delicious fast food burgers in New York City! Start your own cooking story in restaurant cooking game, cook delicious food for high school teachers and students in break time.
Become cooking queen chef of girl’s high school, learn to make the high school students satisfied with cooking management skills. High school foodies are waiting in queue to taste best kitchen fever. Cook mouthwatering food items for hungry customers and serve hot!

Grill chicken patty, add cheese, sausage, olives and make customers happy in high school cooking game. Create your own cooking story for high school to make restaurant world’s best cooking restaurant. Test your time management and food serving skills to get the best cooking girl chef award in high school restaurant cooking game.
Get ready to take command of high school café and fulfill the appetite of hungry students!
Play high school café cooking game and accomplish all cooking challenging levels! Download and give us your feedback, so we can make more high school café best cooking game for you.

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