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Survival on the battle island with unbelievable action and 1st person shooter now free on your device! Use your survival skills and tactics against other players in the battle royale mode and become a pixel real hero of survival games!
Large-scale battle sandbox in your mobile
Players land onto the desert island to defeat each other and be the only survivor champion. They have to find or craft weapons, resources and vehicles to survive and destroy their rivals. Get ready to fight and crush!
Wide choice of weapons
Choose the weapon of your dreams from cool arsenal. With rich collection of the firearms, steel arms and equipment you have 1000 and one way of killing your enemies.
High-quality graphics and 3D sound effects
With high-quality audio and sounds you’ll fill yourself like a part of the survival adventure. Check out also eye-catching design, extraordinary gameplay and massive maps for the battle royale battlegrounds mode.
Drive combat vehicles
Increase your chance on island survival with variety of vehicles! Race on cars and motorcycles, or fight off a boat and explore other islands.
Team up
Assemble a team, arm to the teeth and start a headhunting. With help of your friends you can control more battle grounds and resources.
Check out more advantages of our fps shooter open world survival game:
Our one of the survivor shooting games gives the opportunity to craft and build a survival shelter and set traps. Also in our open world survival you can destroy enemy’s base and vehicles. This one of the cool shooting games have a sandbox mode and battle royale, where you can do everything!
Play online shooting games and improve your survival skills. Use nature covers to ambush and catch by surprise. Build from pixel blocks and craft traps for better wilderness survival. Such survival fps quest is much better, yeah?
Many of the pixel shooter survive games offer a variety of firearms. We done better! Survival games with multiplayer mixed with fps shooting games, block games, pixel games free, and craft are the real explosive experience! In our survival game you can choose between firearms, steel arms, different bombs and even combine them. Which fps survival games can boast of this?
Remember, Player: in island survival games crafting and building are extra important. Use this open world to find the maximum resources and useful items, that will definitely come in handy for your survival during the fps action games online. And in our craft adventure games you can build from blocks your own giant palace or castle!
Constant pixel battleground game updates make our survival quest better and better. New modes, clothes and armor for your character, new weapons, items and battlegrounds. We do everything to become the one of the best pixel block games free online!

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