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Experience the life of a firefighter hero and save lives in this modern fire truck simulator game. You’re on emergency rescue duty so you need to be ready to respond the fire emergency at any time! Play American Firefighter Truck and start saving lives to become a rescue hero. Grab your rescue gear and stay alert to respond fire emergency when the bell rings in fire station. Get behind the wheels of american firefighter truck and drive towards the incident location to extinguish fire. Firemen use ladder truck to reach heights and use firehose attached with fire engine to spray 800 gpm of water.
American firefighter rescue people (and animals) from dangerous situations such as vehicle accidents, structural collapses and burning fire. Turn on the ‘WEE-OO’ siren and drive firefighter truck to reach the fire emergency destination at the minimum possible time! Start your firefighting training and play role of fire truck driver to put out bigger flames in city rescue firefighter game. Become emergency rescue driver and work in fire station to save innocent citizens. Modern fire truck is equipped with state of art rescue gear, extinguisher and a very large ladder to reach shopping mall or multi-story building.

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