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DIY Slime 3D Simulator

发行商: Apps And Games
价格: 14.14 USD


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DIY Slime 3D Simulator
Lizun 3D Simulator - I have 3D Lizun in my phone!
In a joke crush a voluminous lizun on the screen of your device, earning experience points!
Discover even more unusual and bright slimes and enjoy the process of smearing jelly-like toys!
The game as much as possible repeats the properties of real lizunov!
3D graphics as a joke allow you to feel the lizune in your hands!
Bright design of slides will give a lot of positive emotions, will cheer up and help to cope with excitement!
Distracted from the monotonous work!
Speed ​​up the time in traffic jam or long queue!
You are waiting for an unforgettable entertainment with a toy that has unique features!
Share with friends a unique game!
Have fun together and have fun!
Slime is a toy that consists of a viscous jelly-like material resembling slime!
Lizun has its unique properties, which vary depending on the impact applied to it!
The material from which it consists does not spread and does not fall apart!
Has an anti-stress effect, helping to escape from the monotonous work!
A bright, not ordinary game will interest all friends!
Be in the spotlight!
Leave your comments and ratings!
Attention! The application is a simulator licking!
Created solely for the sake of jokes and entertainment!
Play with us!


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