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Farm Dog vs Stray Sheep

发行商: Raydiex
价格: 免费


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Jump into a brand new adventure as a livestock guardian dog. Enjoy the perfect farm dog simulator for sheep keeping in one of the best farm animals and sheep farm games 3D in which you’ll watch, look after and protect the flock of stray sheep. Yes, of course! The guardian farm dog simulator is going to be a complete treat for the farm animals and sheep farm games lovers. So get the FARM DOG VS STRAY SHEEP game is to enjoy the pet simulation with your favorite livestock guardian dog.
Play as a cute guardian doggy in this 3D dog simulation game to have fun. Objective is very engrossing. There are some sheep wandering in the village farm. As a farm guardian dog you need to take the sheep flock in to the cattle hedge by guiding them with barking. As the dogs are used in protecting livestock in the villages and in the farm houses, so just you have to do the same by controlling joystick on the screen. Explore the farmhouse, run around, find the sheep one by one and take them into the wooden shield. Simulate inside the village environment and don’t be lazy as dogs are very quick. There are some exiting challenges available inside the farmhouse so be smart and run speedily to find the sheep and successfully complete the each level. You have to do your all job within the time limit. So grab it right now because dogs are one of the favorite animals to play with.
So get ready to have an amazing and newest guardian farm dog simulator as your favorite pet is in a wonderful land full of crazy fun. Surely! You have not played such type of farm animal and sheep farm games. Experience the inimitability in this animal simulator blended with the concept of livestock guardian dog who guard the stray farm cattle. FARM DOG VS STRAY SHEEP is the game you don’t want to miss out.


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