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发行商: funk - Content-Netzwerk von ARD und ZDF
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Watch all funk Channels here. We are a German public broadcaster who produces content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. With the funk App you can watch unlimited series, documentaries, comedy shows and vlogs. For example, GAME TWO with the RocketBeans, STAR STAR SPACE by coldmirror, Fynn Kliemann in his KLIEMANNSLAND, Y-KOLLEKTIV, REPORTER, STRG_F and JÄGER & SAMMLER. You can also binge-watch series like FREAKS with Phil Laude and Wilson Gonzales or OFFSCREEN with Sila Sahin (GZSZ).
If you’re interested in political commentaries or current affairs, look no further: Rayk Anders, Eva Schulz, Moritz Neumeier and MRWISSEN2GO are just some of the few that will guide you through the state of the nation, international politics and hard hitting, societal debates. Craving some music? Marie Meimberg and Marti Fisher surprise newcomer bands, while GERMANIA explores the multifaceted identities and origins of German rappers and other artists.
We are funk – the first public service content-network that started on October 1, 2016. We create online-only content on social networks and third-party platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for 14-29-year-olds. We enable talents, established creators and newcomers to create content that can inform, engage and entertain our community without commercial and political influence or product placements.

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