Raku-uchi for Japanese language keyboard

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This app is for writing Japanese text in your device. In addition to "Two Touch", which uses two touches for one hiragana, popular methods like Toggle and Flick are supported.
EZ touch technology enables easier touch on the center column when using tablets having a large touch screen larger than 7 inches.
"Two Touch" is a third popular way to input Japanese text in devices. "Two Touch" uses two touches for one hiragana. For example, touching 2 and 1 outputs "ka", 3 and 4 outputs "se". It is fast and comfortable. "Two Touch" is sometimes called "Pocket bell scheme".
This app is based on "mozc", which is an open source version of Google Japanese Input. Therefore, this app has a very good conversion engine.
Currently, input by physical 12 keys is not supported.
"dakuon (voiced consonant)" and "handakuon (papipupepo)" can be input by "*" (or 04/05 in Twotouch). Lowercase and uppercase conversion can be done by "*" with exceptions.

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